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About Us

About Us

search.free-index.co.za/ is a South African business directory which provides sales leads to businesses by providing in-depth information to consumers.

Visited by just under a million people every month, search.free-index.co.za/ allows all SA businesses to create a comprehensive online profile to showcase their products and services. These profiles help consumers to make informed choices when choosing a service provider.

Unlike all other SA directories, it's free for businesses to add their company details on the site and therefore search.free-index.co.za/ is under no obligation to promote one company over another. The top listing positions on business-index.co.za go to the companies that have the best ratings and reviews from their customers, helping consumers to quickly find the best local service providers as voted for by others.

The site is funded by discreet third party advertising. Spam and cold call protection is built into the site.

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Our sites provide a comprehensive online source of information about companies and their products and services, which generate leads for their businesses.

search.free-index.co.za/ is South Africa’s fastest growing FREE online business directory listing over 300000 South African businesses.

Anyone can list their business in search.free-index.co.za/ for FREE, along with contact details, and products and services.

Listing in search.free-index.co.za/ directs sales leads and enquiries to your business.

Businesses are encouraged to add the latest news and information about their products to their listing.

search.free-index.co.za/ is indexed by Google and other search engines, meaning that customers can find your search.free-index.co.za/ listing when they use Google, Yahoo! or other search engines.

For more information about how to list your business, or any other question you might have, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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The History of search.free-index.co.za/

search.free-index.co.za/ was founded in South Africa in 2007 by Steve Clave who's international Directory experience allowd him to notice that it cost a small fortune for small businesses to advertise their products and services in South Africa. Steves's vision was to allow all businesses regardless of size or their marketing budget to create a detailed company profile which would provide customers with information in a common format. and allow companies with no website a small micro site to take their business online

Additional staff were bought in to help manage the day to day activities to ensure that the quality of the content is kept high.


now has a small committed team, The number of visitors to the site continues to rise, and we continue to develop the site based on the valuable feedback we receive.

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